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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Welcome to The Psyche Arc...

This site is a portal into an alternate universe - one in which Angel meets someone who challenges him in a variety of ways about his relationship with Buffy...and who finally (in 'Archangel') is confronted with the Slayer herself...

Happy news: Angel Series 3 is out on DVD on March 3 (in the UK). Hurry to Amazon UK for the discount!

Coming soon to The Psyche Arc:


"Perfect happiness plus you equals evil you... "

The script so far is here.

"We have you. Now we need the Slayer..."

There are four scripts (so far) in The Psyche Arc, plus an extra (Resurrection):


"Are you sure this isn't just about the 'she morphed into my honey' thing?"

Read the script here.


"But what I was wondering was more: what were you doing in my bed?"

Read the script here.


"It was the other creature that killed her. And took her place."

Read the script here.


"So you are certain that, if he is in peril, the Slayer will come?"

Read the script's a finale to both Buffy and Angel's stories.
Each script has a link at the end to the next one...

And, in a parallel alternate universe...


A response to Angel 3:22 'Tomorrow' (which upset me)...

"I know who you are.
And I know what you've done."

Read the script here.

DISCLAIMER: I've just borrowed these characters, who belong to Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt. But I didn't do them any harm - in fact I think Angel quite enjoyed it. And Psyche is all mine.

You can read the real Buffy and Angel scripts at the Psyche site (no relation).

I've just started a 'proper' blog called The Real Psyche which will contain, in diary format, musings by me on Angel and other stuff. Have a look.
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